Experienced Insights: Cruise Tips From Seasoned Travelers

Posted On : Sep 25, 2023 FVT Agent

If you're embarking on your first cruise – congratulations! You're about to embark on a unique and rewarding journey. As a newcomer to cruising, you may have some questions about the do's and don'ts of traveling aboard a cruise ship. Fortunately, experienced cruisers are eager to share valuable tips to make your first voyage even more enjoyable


Before You Leave Home

Mail Matters: Ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mail daily. A pile of uncollected mail can signal to potential troublemakers that your home is vacant. Alternatively, you can request the post office to hold your mail until your return.

Lights and Patrol: Use timers to set your lights to create the appearance that someone is home. Also, inform your neighborhood community patrol to make extra passes by your home while you're away.

Postcard Prep: If you plan to send postcards during your cruise, preprint labels and attach stamps to them. This saves time and eliminates the need to carry around an awkward address book.

Money Matters

Traveler's Checks: Invest in traveler's checks as they can be replaced if lost or stolen. To expedite the replacement process, jot down the serial numbers and keep them in a secure location.

Small Bills: Keep a supply of small denomination bills, such as ones and fives, for tipping porters and stewards at the airport and ship's docking pier, especially in foreign countries.

Review Your Bill: Before the end of your cruise, review your invoice and address any errors promptly to avoid long lines and unnecessary stress on your departure day.

Secure Your Wallet: Bring a few rubber bands to secure your wallet to your clothing, making it difficult for pickpockets to access it unnoticed.

Kid-Friendly Tips

Disposable Bibs: If you're traveling with babies or toddlers, disposable, throwaway bibs are a great way to protect your child's clothing from mealtime messes.

Collapsible Stroller: Pack a collapsible stroller to make it easier to navigate the cruise ship with your young child.

Snacks: Carry portable, self-contained snacks like peanut butter or cheese crackers to keep your child satisfied without spending extra money onboard.

Practical Tips:

Plastic Bags: Include a few plastic shopping bags inside your suitcase for storing dirty laundry.

Nightlight: If your cabin doesn't have much natural light, bring a nightlight to help you navigate your room in the dark.

First Aid Kit:

Pack a small first aid kit for minor emergencies, and include wet wipes for situations where a sink may not be readily available.

Remember that there are numerous cruise tips to make life easier for new travelers. Think of the small conveniences and ideas you use at home and see if they can be adapted to your cruise. The more you can streamline your experience, the more relaxed and enjoyable your cruise will be

“Cruise tips from seasoned travelers are like treasure maps, guiding newcomers to the hidden gems of the sea.”

By FVT Agent

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