Budget-Friendly Cruise Escape! Summer Sailings Offer Unbelievable Discounts.

Posted On : May 18, 2023 FVT Agent

In less than a month, the summer season will set many kids and students free from the confines of school. If you're still uncertain about where to whisk your family away this year for a vacation, why not consider the allure of an affordable cruise holiday? In the face of skyrocketing gas prices, many families are reevaluating their vacation plans, and if you've been carefully budgeting for a family trip, a cruise may well offer the best bang for your buck.


Holidays, whether for winter or summer, are universally anticipated, and when you finally have the opportunity to whisk your entire family away, you naturally seek the most memorable experience. If you're yearning for something different this year, perhaps it's time to veer away from the traditional road trips to theme parks or annual camping excursions. Especially if you reside in a cruise port city that offers exciting voyages on select cruise ships to the Caribbean or Mexico, you might be pleasantly surprised by the affordable cruise prices and incredible discounts available during the summer season.

Embark on an all-encompassing cruising experience with your family, exploring exotic islands, Mexican historical cities, and more. This vacation offers not only relaxation but also an educational journey for both children and adults alike.

What's even more appealing is that for the price of a road trip, you can indulge in a cruise vacation with exotic flair. Many renowned cruise lines like Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean extend substantial summer discounts to Caribbean and Mexican destinations. Since summer is considered their low season, families can capitalize on these savings. Whether you're near a cruise port or not, most expenses are already included in your cruise package, from accommodations to most, if not all, meals and beverages, not to mention the fantastic daily and nightly entertainment.


For those not residing in a city with cruise port access, summer deals from cruise companies typically feature remarkably low airfare cruise packages, often costing less than a family vacation to a theme park. This is particularly true when you consider the additional expenses of vehicle transportation to and from the theme park hotel, meals, beverages, and entertainment for the entire family. These costs can quickly add up and are often challenging to budget for, as the saying goes, "when on vacation, you tend to spend more than you initially plan."

With a summer cruise, you simply board the ship, and the ship's courteous staff swiftly takes your bags to your room. All that's left for you to do is to prepare for the cruise ship's sumptuous buffet before setting sail to the first exciting destination on your itinerary.

But the cruise experience isn't just about the destinations; it's also about the journey itself. Cruise ships offer some of the best entertainment and kids' services in the vacation market. They cater to everyone, adults and children alike. While you're daydreaming about the first exotic beach on your itinerary, the cruise ship offers a plethora of fun activities, from kids' activities and outdoor sports competitions to various theme parties suitable for all ages.

As your children revel in their cruise adventure, you can relax by the pool, partake in daily features like Bingo and the casino, or even indulge in a therapeutic massage at the spa. And when you start to miss the kids, you can all reconvene for a fantastic lunch buffet, refueling for the rest of the day's events, whether you choose to participate or not.

So, when planning your summer vacation, consider the lasting family experience a cruise vacation offers. With the savings you'll experience, your family won't be reminiscing this year about the hot dog that slipped off the grill or the fish that got away. This summer, you'll be sharing stories about the awe-inspiring Mexican Mayan Ruins and other fabulous places, the delectable gourmet cheesecake, and, quite possibly the most memorable of all, Dad's triumphant victory in the belly flop contest at the ship's poolside.

“Cruise ships offer some of the best entertainment and kids' services in the vacation market. ”

By FVT Agent

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